Held Defense aktualisiert mit neuen PvP-Modus

Held Defense: Die Geisterinsel vom Entwickler Glücklich Dienstag den neuen PvP-Modus aktualisiert, um ist. Es erlaubt den Spielern Kampf gegeneinander in den Karten zu tun, eine Handvoll Helden und ihre besonderen Fähigkeiten mit, während strategisch in der Tower-Defense-Titel durch die Horden kämpfen.

Happy Tuesday sent out word along with an update over on the Steam store page, letting fans know that the PvP mode is alive and well. They mention in the post…

"Es ist Freitag, der 13th. Heute sind wir glücklich, den Beginn der Saison 1 bekannt zu geben. In den letzten 2 Monaten haben wir mit der Unterstützung unserer Steam-Community die Multiplayer testen und gezwickt und verändert und angepasst. "

The launch of the PvP mode also comes with news that the game’s multiplayer season is full and well underway. The season includes a one-on-one PvP arena, a new seasonal leaderboard (which I’m sure they’ll be checking and monitoring in case hackers decide to run amok), three new multiplayer themed maps, and a brand new matchmaking setup to ensure that the players with the right kind of skills find opponents with the right kind of skills.

The hybrid, action-RPG tower defense title has been in Early Access since late January of this year. Players basically build up their hero skills, battle against the invading forces, level up and then rinse and repeat. In the single player portion it’s a fight against the arch villain Necrosis, but in multiplayer PvP it’s a fight against other players.

The game was supposed to be in Early Access for only two months, which means that it should have been out back in late March, but things haven’t quite gone as planned. Even still, they mentioned in the Early Access section that multiplayer was one of the things they wanted to get implemented before the full game released, so they’ve managed to knock that milestone out of the way. They still need to implement the trading card system and Linux support, which means SteamOS support.

Held Defense is available right now in Early Access for $14.99. You can learn more by hitting up the the game’s Dampf-Store-Seite oder durch den Besuch der Humble Shop.